Let’s dance (1)

Let’s dance

Drawing down the moon and stars
Squeezing from them goddess’ tears
To wash our flesh and souls
Drawing down the sun
Basking in his flame
To dry and heat the hidden crevices within

Listening to the whisper of trees in our hearts
Finding what we need

Toes curl downward
Thrusting deep within rich loam
Drinking golden light
Fingers stretching
Caressing the faces of clouds
Recognizing soul’s worth
Pushing others on their way

Let’s dance

That graceful rush of energy carving a path
Slicing the world’s greyness from our flesh
As the music grafts wings upon shoulders and ankles
So we can fly

(started 10-17-07) 2/7/2013

Work in progress

Ginger peppermint sings peace
Laid soft upon tired tongue and breath
Conversation falls from rapid fingers’ tap upon keys
“To whisper of skills on the breath of skin and shared interests”
Stops his reply momentarily

Growls echo in moist embrace
Licking slowly along delicate curves of earlobe
Down the slender column of my throat
Begging to be released

Groaning in desire and need
Black paws walk the razor edge of abandon
Goading honeyed words to dance and beckon
Gleaming behind eyes
Wafting upon a glowing asphalt of written word

Leashed hunger
Prods the body to sway coyly
Shoulders leaning just so, lips curving, hips dancing
If only to the counter for more coffee

Invitation sings with a husky contralto
As she dies
and Over
To dance the give and take of exploration